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Sharpen Your Understanding of the Landscape and Options by Joining a Professional Association


SCAHP Society of Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Providers

It only makes sense to be interested in furthering your career. Joining a professional association is a good start; the effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person. So, how exactly can becoming part of SCAHP help further your career goals? Some benefits of joining the Society:

Like most people, creating professional relationships is important, and joining a group allows you to have a sense of security and trust.

Whether you are looking to learn about job postings in your field, network in your professional community, gain access to current events in your career area, or just have some fun while meeting new people, joining a professional association is a step in the right direction! In the last 20 years the phrase complementary,  alternative holistic healthcare has been used to describe a wide array of treatments, therapies, modalities and disciplines.

The Mission of the Society of Complementary
Alternative and Holistic Practitioners is


SCAHP Society of Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Providers
  • Advance understanding of the mechanisms through which mind and body approaches affect health, resiliency, and well-being.

  • Encourage new and improved methods and tools for providing complementary alternative and holistic health approaches and their integration into everyday health care for your clients.

  • Promote complementary health approaches and alternative treatment strategies for managing evidence such as pain, anxiety, depression and other characteristics of health concerns by treating the whole person.

  • Support training and career development to increase the number and quality of practitioners trained to provide complementary and alternative health practices.

  • Disseminate evidence-based information on complementary alternative and holistic health approaches.

  • Develop methods and approaches to enhance public understanding of basic concepts and available products 

Application Process is Conducted Year-Round. Advanced Education Program Is Available For All

SCAHP Society of Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Providers



•Designed To Elevate Professional Standards, Enhance Individual Performance And Designate Professionals Who Demonstrate The Knowledge Essential To The Practice Of Complementary Alternative  and Holistic Healthcare.

•Providers Are Board Certified 

By Examination and According To Established National Standards, Including A Code Of Ethics.

Please Note: Membership In SCAHP™ Is Required For Certification. Qualifying You For Certification. This Is Just Another Of The Many Benefits The Society Offers.

Membership in the Society of Complementary Alternative and Holistic Providers is open to anyone who is properly trained and supports the SCAHP mission.


SCAHP Society of Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Providers
  • The national office staff and our leaders are dedicated to providing support and resources. SCAHP offers you valuable membership benefits.

  • Membership in a professional society with established national certification standards, standards of practice and a code of ethics.

  • Membership in an organization that advocates for Complementary Alternative  and Holistic Healthcare Providers at a national level.

  • Opportunity to obtain continuing education units included. 

  • Enriching opportunity for professional development fostered through relationships with other SCAHP Members representing many disciplines.

  • Use of SCAHP Logo on cards, letterhead and advertisements. 

  • Gaining SCAHP Certification will strengthen your practice and the profession as whole will benefit.

Advanced Complementary Alternative Holistic Practitioner - ACAHP


You must show education and experience that meets established national standard in the majority of the following modalities and therapies listed below and SUCCESSFULLY PASS REQUIRED TEST. Membership in SCAHP is required to qualify for certification as well as keeping your certification current. 


Acupressure - Auricular Therapy



Art Therapy – Music Therapy  - Harmony & Rhythm Therapy– Sound Therapy Color Therapy - Dance Therapy – Light Therapy

Ayurveda – Tibetan Medicine - Holistic Medicine - Naturopathy– Natural Healthcare – Folk Practices – Traditional Remedies - Gerson Therapy – Integrative Biophysics

Biofeedback – Autogenic Training

Body Balancing

Breathing Therapy or Techniques Chinese or Oriental Medicine - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese or Oriental Medicine - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chiropractic – Atlas Orthogonal

Colon Therapy – Colon Hydrotherapy– Urine & Stool Evaluation - Constipation Elimination

Counseling – Alexander Technique


Craniosacral Therapy


Diabetes Elimination

Ear Candling

Electrotherapy – Bio-electromagnetic Therapy

Exercise – Tai Chi – Qigong

- Feng Shui


Fasting – Cleansing - Detoxifying

Flower Essences - Bach Flower Remedies

Gem Therapy – Magnetotherapy


Herbology – Homeopathy – Native American Herbology – Herbalism - Unani

Holistic Dentistry



Illness Prevention – Preventative Care – General Wellness

Iridology – Holistic Iridology


Lifestyle Counseling – Hygiene – Nutrition – Food as Medicine

Manipulative Body Based Practices

Reflexology – Touch Therapy Chakra Therapy - Tissue

Manipulation – Reiki - Shiatsu – Rolfing – Massage

Mind Body Medicine – Energy Medicine – Spiritual Counseling – Astrology

Natural Wellness Educators

Osteopathy – Manual Osteopathy

Pain Management

Relaxation Therapy

Sleep Therapy

Smoking Therapy - Prevention and Elimination

Vitamin Consultant – Diet including Vitamins & Supplements

Weight Management - Weight Loss – Weight Gain – Exercise-Diet

Yoga – Meditation – Feldenkrais



Code of Ethics

  • ACAHP’s shall provide only those professional services for which they are educated. DO NO HARM

  • ACAHP’s practice using the healing power of nature, considering the whole person.

  • ACAHP’s promise to abide by all State laws. 

  • ACAHP’s shall provide clients with a disclaimer/consent form that accurately lists education and experience.  Qualifications will not be presented in a misleading way. The client’s consent will be obtained prior to services being rendered.

  • ACAHP’s will not put their own needs before the welfare of the client, recognizing their own limitations and referring the client to qualified professionals when necessary.

  • ACAHP’s  shall not reveal confidential information concerning clients under any circumstances, unless required by law.

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