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  • Is there Restrictive Legislation for the title of Complementary Alternative Holistic Practitioners?

Complementary Alternative and Holistic Practitioners Legislation

SCAHP ecourages you to always become aware of the practicing laws in your State. Complementary Alternative Holistic Healthcare Legislation has been passed to practice in the Purple States and you can practice without regulation in the Green States as listed on the map below. You should become aware of the Legislation guidelines in the Purple States. 


Oklahoma – passed in 1994
Idaho – SB1369 passed in 2010
Minnesota – HB537/SB689 passed in 2000
Rhode Island – passed in 2001
California - SB577 passed in 2001
Louisiana – SB189 passed in 2008
New Mexico – HB 644 passed in 2009
Colorado – SB215 passed in 2013
Nevada – AB289 passed in 2015

Maine - LD364  passed in 2019

SCAHP SOCIETY Legislative Map purple gre
  • Do I have to renew my SCAPH Membership each year?

To maintain your Membership with SCAHP you are required to submit 20 hours of Continuing Education biennially and a $300 renewal fee for Membership and Certification every two years.

  • Where can I earn education to qualify for the Complementary Alternative Holistic Practitioners ?

There are many CAHP programs available. The SCAHP Board will accept nationally recognized and accredited CAHP programs. You may also qualify based on education deemed equivalent by the SCAHP Board. Submit the application with documentation of your education for approval. If you are not approved 100 % of the fee is returned. 

  • Can I be a Corporate Sponsor?

  • Can I join SCAHP even if I live outside of the United States?

Corporate Sponsor

​Is an entity or individual working in a field involve​d with or providing support to the field of Complementary Alternative Healthcare either through education or modalities. Applicants must fill out and submit all forms and documents to the central office for consideration. Call for more information of the benefits of becoming a corporate sponsor.


Is a subdivision of member certification for professionals not including Canada, United States and Mexico. Call for more information.

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